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  • Strategic management, the search for innovation and new directions, and permanent optimisation of processes and products are central factors of success for any company. Through the optimal design of these factors, constant and sustainable changes are achieved.
  • Valuable concepts and possible solutions which emerge from consulting unfortunately all too often end up as waste paper – and not just because of an inability to bring ideas into practice.
  • But you can have your cake and eat it too, if consulting abilities and management skills can be efficiently combined in the same hands.
  • An interim manager is independent and unencumbered. He can look at your company with fresh eyes and – thanks to extensive experience – quickly identify the relevant issues.
  • PL-Consulting does not deliver simple concepts. As a project leader and interim manager, I put theory into practice. With it I guarantee you a good RoIM (Return on Interim Management).


An unexpected vacancy has arisen and / or you would like to initiate a conscious change in your company without losing a lot of time? I can solve your problem with professional interim management.

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  • You can expect many years of extensive management experience in the professional and, especially in Switzerland, military sphere from an experienced manager.
  • When assuming management responsibility, I can bring real advantages to your company, since I do not just use clear management principles and the corresponding tools efficiently for myself; I also pass them on to you as a coach and interim manager.
  • I combine theory and practice in the best way possible, since only this combination brings success. Analytical skills are essential here.
  • Projects are also essential for your company’s future. In spite of innumerable ideas and approaches, do you simply lack the resources for targeted and efficient project work? An external project manager is the best solution:
    • He binds a team together for a common goal.
    • Thanks to optimal project preparation, he achieves 90% success in 10% of the time.
    • He is always searching for the solution to the impossible and is not deterred by conflicts in objectives.
  • Trust is the lean element in management


Would you like to achieve results and need additional capacity at short notice? With good and correct management and project management I can support you optimally.

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  • Even today, production is often only viewed in terms of cost factors. “Intelligent production” can decisively improve costs, delivery readiness, delivery reliability and quality.
  • With process management and a holistic approach, all company activities will be connected. In doing so, I am looking for the consistent minimization of lead times, which requires controlled processes. This has a positive influence on all economic factors.
  • The integration of lean cells, the center of value-adding activities, serves as the key to success. Integrated lines, a speciality of PL-Consulting, force flow production.
  • Customer orientation is a subject in which all employees are strongly integrated. With it I also take into account internal customer orientation chains.
  • Your production and logistics specialist will always find the right optimisation, thanks to extremely broad practical experience in various industries.



Your production is no longer up-to-date, the delivery times are too long, the stocks too high, the efficiency too low, the quality inadequate, a production system that is tailored to the strategy and the market is missing? Do not hesitate to call me, I can offer you a solution.
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